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Jinx Hawke - Chibi by Wings4Wolves Jinx Hawke - Chibi :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 0 0 Lady and The Templar by Wings4Wolves Lady and The Templar :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 1 0 Warden and Griffin at Rest by Wings4Wolves Warden and Griffin at Rest :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 0 0 Tamaria by SanchHEDA by Wings4Wolves Tamaria by SanchHEDA :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 0 1 Join or Fall: A Dragon Age Equality Poster by Wings4Wolves Join or Fall: A Dragon Age Equality Poster :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 1 0 Bonny and Read by Wings4Wolves Bonny and Read :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 3 8 Welcome, Bellafliestoohigh! by Wings4Wolves Welcome, Bellafliestoohigh! :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 0 2 Jinx Smith sketch 03 by Wings4Wolves
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Jinx Smith sketch 03 :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 1 0
Img 20170504 021023 by Wings4Wolves
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Img 20170504 021023 :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 0 0
Jinx Smith sketch 01 by Wings4Wolves
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Jinx Smith sketch 01 :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 0 0
MAGE dual painting Wings4wolves/SanchHEDA  by Wings4Wolves MAGE dual painting Wings4wolves/SanchHEDA :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 0 1 The Dawn Will Come: Dragon Age Inquisition Templar by Wings4Wolves The Dawn Will Come: Dragon Age Inquisition Templar :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 1 0 MAGE Wings4Wolves/SanchHEDA dual sketch 02  by Wings4Wolves MAGE Wings4Wolves/SanchHEDA dual sketch 02 :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 1 0 MAGE Wings4Wolves/SanchHEDA dual sketch 01 by Wings4Wolves MAGE Wings4Wolves/SanchHEDA dual sketch 01 :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 1 0 THE RACES OF THEDAS  by Wings4Wolves THE RACES OF THEDAS :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 0 0 Hermes... lineart by Wings4Wolves Hermes... lineart :iconwings4wolves:Wings4Wolves 0 0


Inquisition by JPShieux Inquisition :iconjpshieux:JPShieux 2,715 235 Anders does not share... by pakipaki-yuki Anders does not share... :iconpakipaki-yuki:pakipaki-yuki 110 23 DAO: Witch's Spell by ravenwing136 DAO: Witch's Spell :iconravenwing136:ravenwing136 42 2 Chantry marriage by Pomponorium Chantry marriage :iconpomponorium:Pomponorium 41 31 Vengeance by PRllNCE Vengeance :iconprllnce:PRllNCE 90 22 Do not upset the Anders by AndroMind Do not upset the Anders :iconandromind:AndroMind 19 22 Elven warrior doodle by Estherrulez Elven warrior doodle :iconestherrulez:Estherrulez 79 10 Ostagar the last ones standing by Estherrulez Ostagar the last ones standing :iconestherrulez:Estherrulez 82 36 How to make babies for dummies by Estherrulez How to make babies for dummies :iconestherrulez:Estherrulez 82 63 Fengirls fanservice by Estherrulez Fengirls fanservice :iconestherrulez:Estherrulez 486 114 DA: Origins Morrigan - Rest by Achico-Xion DA: Origins Morrigan - Rest :iconachico-xion:Achico-Xion 99 32 Heat Wave In Kirkwall by Quarrelsome Heat Wave In Kirkwall :iconquarrelsome:Quarrelsome 433 118 kiss-kiss-kiss by Zinoodle kiss-kiss-kiss :iconzinoodle:Zinoodle 154 49 DA2: Feathers by perpetualperversions DA2: Feathers :iconperpetualperversions:perpetualperversions 435 74
Cursed Ch.1
          Everything was quiet.
          I watched silently as a large buck wandered into the clearing. My body tensed as it walked closer to my hiding spot. I stared at my prey, my eyes focusing on its head and heart. I ease forward, causing the leaves that concealed me to rustle quietly, alerting my prey. The buck stopped grazing and quickly looked around, fearing another predator. After a while, it started grazing again. Now was my chance. My muscles twitched and a near silent growl escaped my throat. Now or never.
          I let the arrow fly, watching as it sunk deep into its heart. The buck let out a strangled cry before falling to the ground, right on the arrow. Great, it’s gonna be hell getting it out now. I sighed and stood up, dusting the leaves and dirt off my hide pants. At least I get to finally eat something filling. Fruit and berries just aren’t enough. I threw my bow over my shoulde
:iconlilsissyd:LilSisSyd 6 6
Cursed Prologue
          People are monsters. Although you can’t just look around and see them, they are the monsters that walk among us as normally as you or I. They walk on two feet, make friendly conversation and smile like everyone else. These monsters seem so kind on the surface; maybe they give some money to the beggar on the street corner, or maybe give some extra blankets to the widowed mother of three, lend her an ear about how she lost her husband in a raid. However nice they seem, something darker brews beneath that sweet smile. Behind closed doors they laugh at the misfortune of others, sneering behind turned backs. This is none more apparent that behind the castle walls.
          My mother always seemed so wonderful, graceful, and kind. I would always hear how the nobles complimented her at the soirees she threw. Everyone who came to see her would see the perfect image of what a good queen should be, but others new better. The serv
:iconlilsissyd:LilSisSyd 7 10


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Jinx Hawke - Chibi
Speed draw:
Drawing of a Dragon Age 2 character I made for my friend, Jinx. Shes a sweet warrior.
Lady and The Templar
Very crappy drawing done of/for my friend SanchHEDA
Perspective's waay off and the hands look like twisted clubs, but otherwise what do y'all think.
Best story I've read all year, and I have only just read the first chapter!
Cursed Ch.1
Alright! I finally got this one out. It's not like I didn't have the desire to write it, it's just that I have class almost every day and work right after and by the end of the day, I'm exhausted. But now it's done! I can work on the next chapter! WOOHOO!! Let me know what you guys think!

Update! So I decided to give the beast a bigger role in later chapters so I decided to give it a little more dialogue. Nothing major.

UAHHHHHH! Amazing!😍
Cursed Prologue
Ok, so I’ve been playing around with this idea for….years I think. I think I started it in sometime in my junior year of high school. Good lord, I’ve needed to revamp this for a while. Well, I’ve finally done it! I’ve rewritten my cringy high school work. I’m much happier with how this one turned out so let me know what you think. Since this is pretty quick, I will probably write up the next chapter pretty quickly, maybe even get onto the third. It all depends on how close my fingers are to falling off when I’m done. Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1:
This one I don't remember as well..

It was a game sort of thing that I was a part of.
12 groups of about 20 - 30 people.
Each group was given a color-based title.
Once we were in our select groups, we did a series of tests.
I can't remember the tests, only that they consisted of physical, moral, emotional, and intellectual tests.
Strangely enough, the highest score on the team would be given a secondary position of power.
The team captain was the person with the most competitive mindset of the group. The person with the highest score was called the "negotiator".
For the rest of the game, the negotiator didn't have to worry about their own personal scores. Just about the scores of their teammates.
There were 12 judges. They either had names of the 12 Olympians, or color names.

In the dream, I was the negotiator for Team White, with the highest personal score out of all the teams. The team captain was someone I know - a young man by the name of Isaiah.
As negotiator of the team, everyone in my team had to beat my score. That was the only way they could get out of the game.
The first team to have all players beat the negotiator's score would win the game.

I don't remember what the challenges were, all I remember was arguing with Isaiah about whether I needed to practice and participate with the rest of the team, since my score was fixed. I remember there was a physical challenge where one had to run and climb through an obstacle course, and one where you'd be pitted against a set number of opponents and you'd have to fight.

Each of the twelve judges represented (patron) one of the teams. For instance: team Yellow was Zeus, team Red was Ares, and team White (my team) was Artemis.

I never got to see what the other patrons looked like, but Artemis "visited every Wednesday". She looked like a model version of my high school art teacher... Same voice too!

Also, the teams were placed in shack-like buildings (that looked remarkably like the E-Class building from Assassination Classroom), with an outdoor obstacle course. Each member of the team (except for the captain and negotiator) was placed in a cabin of four bunks. The captain and negotiator got their own separate cabins, complete with separate baths and toilets. Meals were communal and exercises were constant.

After every set of tests, the negotiator had to put together the scores of each individual in their team. Then, they would stand before the judges and explain who had won, and why they should have a place on the winner's seat - a large set of bleachers with a throne the color of the team in the middle.

The last thing I remember, before I woke up was that I had just "released" Isaiah and two other teammates of mine and I was feeling lost and confused. There was another rule in the game that allowed an "alliance system", where two teams would help each other in training. Captains couldn't set up an alliance, only negotiators. I only had ten people left in Team White, so I looked at the negotiator for Team Black, and proceeded to discuss the terms of the alliance. Then I woke up, but went back to sleep rather quickly to have a short dream where I was talking to Artemis about some murders that had occurred in the team, after we had won the game. So we won, but before anything "important" could happen in this next dream, I woke up again.

(A SIDE NOTE: All of the teams wore uniforms based on the color team they were in. So red wire red, black wore black, white wore white. But my uniform was white with a black... "corset-top". I asked both Artemis and the team captain in the dream about this anomaly,  but I was told not to worry about it...)

Yes, I have highly detailed, strange dreams. I'll see if I can remember to upload an image of what my uniform looked like...



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